High Precision Cross Roller Bearing For Harmonic Reducer

  • High Precision Cross Roller Bearing For Harmonic Reducer
  • High Precision Cross Roller Bearing For Harmonic Reducer
  • High Precision Cross Roller Bearing For Harmonic Reducer
  • High Precision Cross Roller Bearing For Harmonic Reducer
  • High Precision Cross Roller Bearing For Harmonic Reducer
  • High Precision Cross Roller Bearing For Harmonic Reducer
High Precision Cross Roller Bearing For Harmonic Reducer
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  • LuoYang, China

As one of the most important accessories of harmonic reducer, the quality and service life of cross roller bearing (output bearing of harmonic reducer) are very important. The cross roller bearing corresponding to the harmonic reducer is very different from the ordinary cross roller bearing in shape and structure. Many mounting holes are processed on the inner and outer rings. Secondly, there are great differences in heat treatment process. Although the material is GCr15 bearing steel, However, special technology is adopted for the heat treatment of the inner and outer rings of the bearing of the harmonic reducer to ensure the accuracy of each positioning hole and installation hole.

The cross roller bearing of harmonic reducer has the following main characteristics:
-High bearing capacity and can withstand loads from all directions
-High rigidity
-The size and rotation accuracy meet international standards
-Smooth rotation
-Small volume, small size and light weight can be achieved in structure
-Easy installation and maintenance
-The structure and size can be customized

High Precision Cross Roller Bearing For Harmonic Reducer

Cross roller bearing CSG (CSF) for harmonic reducer:

Brief introduction of cross roller bearing of harmonic reducer

CSG (CSF) cross roller bearing of harmonic reducer is a special installation form of cross cylindrical roller bearing.

Structure: split outer ring, - body inner ring

CSG (CSF) cross roller bearing of harmonic reducer divides the outer ring into two parts. The inner ring is an integrated structure and does not need flange and bearing seat for installation. It is mainly used for the output CSG and CSF series positions of various reducers.


CSG (CSF)—14115516.51613.5441.82929.828.4
CSG (CSF)—17106216.51613.5449343633.8
CSG (CSF)—20147016.51613.54.556.54142.840
CSG CSF)—25208518.51816.53.56752.555.352.6
CSG (CSF)—322611222.521.5194.590687468.6
CSG (CSF)—4032(24)1262422.521.54.5105868681.2
CSG (CSF)—5040(32)1573130285131.6103108102.6
CSG (CSF)—6552(44)2103937357176132138132.6

Harmonic reducer flexible bearing PRC:

Structure and characteristics of flexible bearing PRC for harmonic reducer

The manufacturing technology of harmonic reducer is based on harmonic drive, which is a mechanical driver composed of three basic components: wave generator, flexible wheel and rigid wheel. This transmission is to make the flexible wheel elastically deform and interact with the rigid wheel, so as to transmit motion or power under the action of the wave generator. The harmonic unit bearing generates harmonic motion and drives the flexible wheel of the harmonic reducer (matched with the bearing) to generate harmonic motion, so as to meet the speed change requirements of large transmission ratio. The so-called harmonic reducer flexible bearing is a thin-walled shallow groove ball bearing. Because the inner and outer ring walls are thin, it will produce certain deformation under the action of external force, so as to form flexible creep.

Installation of flexible bearing PRC of harmonic reducer bearing

1. Conventional filling method

The method of filling a steel ball is traditionally 186. 195。 A radial force is applied to the outer ring between the filling angles to elastically deform it to fill a steel ball. Although this method is very common, it also has the problem that the steel ball is clamped and the ferrule produces plastic deformation.

① Arc filling groove method

When the filling angle is greater than 195. When the distance between the inner and outer annular AIDS and the bottom diameter of the groove are opened, an arc groove slightly larger than the diameter of the steel ball will be opened, and the steel balls will be filled into the groove one by one during assembly. The method has the advantages of low assembly efficiency, high production cost and difficult quality control. If the filling groove is very deep, discard the ferrule; If it is shallow, the steel ball cannot be filled. Slotting also has a certain impact on the performance of flexible bearing of harmonic reducer, mainly because the high-speed performance is greatly reduced and the axial movement is also limited

② Fracture method

When the filling angle is greater than 195. When the working conditions of the flexible bearing of the harmonic reducer are low and the requirements for speed and vibration are not high, please use the crack filling method. Before heat treatment of the outer ring, it is necessary to open a small groove on the inner diameter to produce stress concentration through heat treatment. The outer ring is broken after grinding; When filling the ball, the steel ball to be filled is filled by expanding the outer ring. This is a way to increase the number of balls at the cost of bearing performance.

2. Elastic filling principle

The so-called elastic filling principle is a method of filling the raceway with steel balls by radially stretching the ring and expanding it within the allowable range of the tensile stress of the flexible bearing ring of the harmonic reducer. This force mainly presses the end face of the outer ring. When the outer ring is pressed down, the steel ball will continue to expand the outer ring and become the tension of the steel ball on the outer ring in the radial direction. As the pressing distance increases, the number of steel balls involved increases and the tension on the outer ring increases until the steel balls are fully opened and enter the channel. Theoretically, this method can meet the requirements of 360 degrees. Filling requirements for filling corners.


dDBCrMaximum radial deformation
Input speed
Input torque
(N- m)
PRC—2035. 5649.0688.137.240.31300030

SHG (SHF) harmonic reducer bearing

SHF (SHG) series harmonic reducer output rigid cross roller bearing. The bearing of harmonic reducer is of cross cylindrical roller structure. It can be divided into two categories: split outer ring, integral inner ring and integral inner and outer ring. The rolling elements are cylindrical rollers, which are arranged vertically in the V-shaped raceway at 90 ° to each other. This structure enables a single bearing to bear the loads in all directions such as axial load, radial load and overturning moment at the same time. The bearing has high rigidity, rotation accuracy and composite bearing capacity; This kind of bearing has compact shape, and the bearing has its own mounting hole, which is convenient for customers to install directly. It is suitable for various types of harmonic reducers.



dd3DTCBB1d1d2Center diameter
SHG ( SHF )—1438367015.114.114.65575364
SHG ( SHF )—174744.180171616.46.568.164.174
SHG ( SHF )—2054-9018.517.517.57872.684
SHG ( SHF )—25686611020.718.719.77.594.890102
SHG ( SHF )—32888414224.423.423.48123117.6132
SHG ( SHF )—40108106170302928.59.5148142.6158
SHG ( SHF )—50135129214363434.511188182.6200
SHG ( SHF )—6515615624040.240.240.75212.8207.6226

Industrial robot bearing CSD type:

The robot bearing of harmonic reducer is a rigid bearing, which is a cross cylindrical roller bearing with special installation form.

Harmonic reducer robot bearing CSD type (outer ring integral, inner ring integral)

The outer ring and inner ring are of integral structure. The outer diameter is the same as that of CSG type. They have higher rigidity than CSG type bearings. They are mainly used in the output part of CSD series reducer.





Harmonic reducer bearing SHD type:


TypeSizeOuter ring mounting holeInner ring mounting holeBasic load ratingMass

SHD —1760201313.853115-M3464-M253112-M312.5315.95**
SHD —207719.51618.66815-M3604-M26816-M321.5233.15**

Packing for thin section bearing:

Vacuum packed with one bearing ----

Then packed into our Special customized paper box---

And then packed into the export wooden case. To protect the bearings from dust and rusty in transportation.

thin section bearing

Company introduction:

Established in 1998, Luoyang Huigong Bearing Technology Co., Ltd.(CHG) is a High and New Technology Enterprise that integrates Design, R&D, Manufacturing and Sales for Thin Section Bearings, Rolling Mill Bearings, Crossed Roller Bearings and large& high precision rollers.

Located in the Luolong Science and Technology Park-Industrial Zone of Luoyang City, our company covers an area of 39,330 square meters with a construction area of 33,696.92 square meters. The registered capital is 41 million RMB, and the annual revenue can reach up to 100 million RMB.

Since our company was founded, our products have been applied to industrial robots, aerospace, military, medical, precision machinery, wind power and other fields domestically and internationally.

With years of baptism, CHG staff adheres to the business philosophy Provide customers with the best bearing solutions.  Regarding professionalism, focus, innovation and hard work as the core values, we will strive to build CHG into a well-known brand in the bearing industry!

Our workshop

Advanced equipment, Controllable quality, Optimized design, Precision products.

CHG has more than 100 sets of specialized production equipment, such as Vertical Lathe, Vertical Mill, Grinding Machine, Flaw Detector, Heat Treatment, etc., to realize Numerical Control, Automation and Intelligence, which ensures the production precision and efficiency.

Deep groove ball bearings


Q: How about your quality of Crossed roller bearings?

A: Our all products are strictly follow ISO9001 standard for production. Each bearing will be 100% quality-tested, such as hardness, roughness, flaw detection, elemental analysis, metallographic analysis, and size requirements, to ensure that 100% qualified products are provided.


Q: How about the Delivery time?

A: if the bearings are avaliable now, 2-5 days is ok, if we need produce the bearings for you ,usually the delivery time about 35-40days.


Q: If there is a problem with the products we receive, how can you solve it?

A: If have any questions, please contact us in time. We will deal with them immediately.


Q: How long will our question be answered?

A: We will respond within 1 hour and solve it within 24 hours.

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